In keeping with the objective of providing education for the less privileged, the following educational programmes are being conducted. At WIT, education and training to the girls and women are imparted at a heavily subsidized rate. The WIT Nursing School was established in the year 1983 on the WIT Campus to equip girls with certified educational qualifications and to meet the need for trained medical nurses. The Nursing School is an educational institute with strength. It adds value to the communities they live in and gives students access to an exceptional pool of knowledge, experience and qualification. The Nursing School runs two programs:

  1. 1. Two-year Auxillary Nursing and Midwifery Diploma and
  2. 2. ...

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Catering for young girls and women with no formal educational background, the vocational skills training provided at the WIT centre have proved a boon for a number of women and girls. After the course the women either find employment in private companies or are employed as wage workers at WIT. Some have even set up on their own.

The teaching of skills involved in making soft toys and handicrafts is a further example of helping women to gain economic independence. The course includes skills to produce a wide range of popular and adorable children’s toys as well as handicrafts.

WIT provides Screen printing training for women to make handmade stationery, greeting cards, gift tags, paper bags, letterheads, letter writing paper sets, envelopes and customised stationery.Th...

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The WIT Tailoring Department provides work for the numerous home based workers; this forms the largest number of women beneficiaries at WIT. The women are provided stitching work on a piece-rate basis, which they complete in their own homes. The payment for their completed work is made immediately. This department has grown and diversified and includes a complete range of household linen, soft furnishings and gift items.

The Food Processing Unit is a professional unit. It employs full-time, trained staff. Here, the women are involved in the complete production of jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles, chutneys and fresh fruit squashes.

In the Screen Printing Department many wage workers produce a variety of paper products such as greeting cards, stationery, gift envelopes, gi...

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At WIT, our workers are committed to producing premium quality products and the food production department is no exception. This department was started in Mumbai in a very small way in Kamila Tyabji’s kitchen. Gradually, the demand for the jams grew; the number of workers employed also grew and it was moved to Panvel when the WIT centre was opened in 1983. Most of the recipes used are still the original ones devised by the founder. The food production section at Panvel is a professional unit run by a Food Technologist who trains her full time permanent staff on the premises.


Our products include a selection of marmalade, jams and jellies, chutneys and pickles and fresh fruit squashes which are made from whole fruit. Health food fructose based jams a...

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