Become a Friend of WIT

Benefits of Membership :

You may have often asked yourself at some point what can you do to help others? A donation to WIT will make a difference. Although WIT looks towards donations to help these efforts, such funds have been drastically reduced in today’s economic environment. Through tax deductible giving you can help ensure that WIT continues to provide for women in need .WIT remains dedicated to the efforts to empower women coming from the lower strata of society. Join WIT and support the effort in making this world a better place.

Your membership confers certain tangible benefits in addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are helping needy women become skilled and economically independent individuals in society.

Just a few more reasons to join WIT :

WIT allows discounts and special offers from time to time to its valued members.

You will receive newsletters regularly on the activities and special promotions to keep you abreast of the continuous changes and developments within WIT.

You can offer your valuable services on a volunteer basis at your convenience.

How to Join :

Prospective members may join on an annual or a lifetime basis.

Lifetime memberships – INR 5,000/-

Annual memberships – INR 500/-

Special Offer: One WIT bottle of jam free for every Life Member introduced!

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