At WIT, our workers are committed to producing premium quality products and the food production department is no exception. This department was started in Mumbai in a very small way in Kamila Tyabji’s kitchen. Gradually, the demand for the jams grew; the number of workers employed also grew and it was moved to Panvel when the WIT centre was opened in 1983. Most of the recipes used are still the original ones devised by the founder. The food production section at Panvel is a professional unit run by a Food Technologist who trains her full time permanent staff on the premises.


Our products include a selection of marmalade, jams and jellies, chutneys and pickles and fresh fruit squashes which are made from whole fruit. Health food fructose based jams and marmalades are also made.


At WIT we are constantly upgrading our range and we adhere to the international guidelines laid down by current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and FSSAI Food Safety and Standards  Authority of India practises are followed, inspiring trust and assuring safe and nutritious food. Only the purest ingredients are used. These are sourced from the local markets whenever possible so that everything is fresh and seasonal. Whole fruits are bought and no artificial flavours are included.Only minimum quantity of preservatives approved by the Indian Food Dept are added, as detailed on the product labels.  WIT also undertakes special orders with recipes provided by the customer.


A high standard of hygiene is maintained throughout the unit. The premises, products and staff undergo a yearly government check by food inspectors. Staff also receive an annual medical check.


Our products are tasty and healthy. To ensure freshness, every stage of production including washing of ingredients, chopping, boiling and bottling is done in one day, on the day of delivery of the raw materials.


WIT foods are currently sold throughout India. In addition to the WIT shops at Tardeo, Mahim and Panvel, they can be purchased from Club Shops such as Willingdon Club, Bombay Gymkhana and Yatch Club, Natures Basket, RTI and SahakariBhandar and several retail outlets in Mumbai.

Customers in Mumbai can also buy food products from the WIT online shop, www.wit.org.in.