The WIT Tailoring Department provides work for the numerous home based workers; this forms the largest number of women beneficiaries at WIT. The women are provided stitching work on a piece-rate basis, which they complete in their own homes. The payment for their completed work is made immediately. This department has grown and diversified and includes a complete range of household linen, soft furnishings and gift items.

The Food Processing Unit is a professional unit. It employs full-time, trained staff. Here, the women are involved in the complete production of jams, jellies, marmalades, pickles, chutneys and fresh fruit squashes.

In the Screen Printing Department many wage workers produce a variety of paper products such as greeting cards, stationery, gift envelopes, gifts and made to order items. At the Block Printing Unit, the whole process from washing and printing to the drying of the fabric, is done by the women working on a full time basis. The Toy Making Unit is another such unit helping to absorb WIT’s trained women and thus creating employment.



This department was opened in 1984. There is a trained supervisor who trains the women with the help of one of the Board Members. In addition, work...


The screen-printing department produces the WIT stationery, greetings cards, gift tags, gift envelopes, gift wrapping paper, paper bags and customi...


The teaching of the skills involved in making toys is a further example of WIT’s aim to prepare women for the option of independent employmen...


This department was the very beginning of WIT. At the start, Kamila Tyabji bought material from Bombay market, took it home, cut it into lengths fo...


The Centre is open to women from all income groups and provides a safe and secure environment for mothers to leave their children while they are wo...