WIT Celebrates 50 Golden Years


Women’s India Trust has moved on, moved ahead and helped move the women’s movement forward.

Achieving this major milestone has encouraged WIT enormously.  Very few women’s organisations have had the distinction of successfully completing half a century.  It has involved a long journey of tentative beginnings, expansion, consolidation and moving with the times.  Challenges have emerged from diverse directions and met squarely each time.

Founder-Chairman, Kamila Tyabji, passed away fourteen years ago but she still continues to inspire.  WIT strives to change in response to changing conditions, keeping the important goals and values in sight.  Information Technology has revolutionised the world we live in.  Adapting to constant change is in itself an exciting achievement.  One may well ask what has WIT really achieved.

  • A sizeable number of home-based women beneficiaries earning a regular income, some hundreds over the years.
  • A growing number of trained and educated women passing through the WIT portals every year and finding gainful employment, thus fulfilling their aspirational goals.
  • A steadily increasing demand and appreciation amongst the discerning for WIT home linen, block-printed and appliqued in distinctive designs, thus keeping alive traditional Indian arts and crafts.
  • A reputation for high-quality food products primarily for a niche market, but now spreading into malls, supermarkets and Club shops at a rapid rate. Production of varieties of jams and chutneys under the brand name or labels of large supermarkets has also started.
  • Safeguarding valuable WIT infrastructure at the Kamila Tyabji WIT Centre, Panvel, constructed in 1983, and in need of major repairs from time to time. Thanks to large-hearted donors, like Tatas and the A H Wadia Trust, these repairs have been possible.
  • Community Programmes conducted from time to time have created awareness of important women’s issues.
  • An upgraded and revamped website (www.wit.org.in) will be launched by March-end, followed soon after by an on-line shop for select WIT home linen and food.

WIT’s greatest asset today, is the Governing Body team of dedicated and talented members, working voluntarily and in sync, with the single-minded aim of ensuring the advancement of WIT.  WIT’s loyal and hardworking staff, many of whom have been with WIT for several years, deserve special mention and thanks at this time.

Most of all, WIT is beholden to all its generous donors, advertisers and members and all who have stood by and supported WIT through the years.  WIT could reach this important landmark only thanks to them.

Dolat Kotwal                                                                             Dhanoo Khusrokhan

Chairperson Emeritus                                                                    Chairperson

New flavours

WIT has relaunched classic variants like Apple & Ginger Jam and Pineapple & Ginger Jam. WIT now also produces a range of Chutneys for Nature’s Basket under the Desi Nature brand. For the festive season remember to gift WIT Foods… a wonderful selection of sweet and spicy that is suitable for all occasions and any gift recipient. A great way to show family and friends how much you care.

Visitor’s Book

WIT regularly hosts groups from Gandhi Legacy Tours which are arranged by Arun Gandhi, grandson and Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.
Prayas, the NGO from Tata Institute of Social Sciences visited the WIT Centre, Panvel during the year. The NGO works closely with women prisoners.

Repairs of Kamila Tyabji Centre

WIT is deeply indebted to the A H Wadia Trust for their wholehearted support and generous grants over the last two years towards repairing and renovating the buildings comprising the Nursing Students Hostel and the A H Wadia Wing at the Kamila Tyabji Centre, Panvel, which is now almost thirty years old.

Another Award for Women’s Empowerment

An award for Women’s Empowerment was presented to WIT at the 6th Global Economic Summit 2017 on Women’s Empowerment for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Capacity Building. The Award recognizes the important role WIT plays in empowering women by ensuring access to education, training, job skills and livelihood. The summit was held jointly by the World Trade Centre (WTC) and the All India Association of Industries

Tata Mumbai Marathon

Continuing the WIT tradition of participating in the annual Mumbai Marathon, Hilloo Damkewalla, Dhanoo Khushrokhan and Abha Mundra joined over 44,000 runners in Mumbai’s high profile charity event in January 2018

Tribute to Kamila Tyabji on her 100th Anniversary

On 14 February, 2018 the WIT Centre in Panvel was transformed into a place full of happy memories, achievements and immense gratitude. It was time to celebrate founder KamilaTyabji’s 100th Anniversary.
The mood was that of pride, joy and the spirit of giving. Chief GuestArundhati Bhattacharya, first woman Chairperson of State Bank of India summed it up very well in her speech. She inspired everyone to continue to uphold and grow the values that founder KamilaTyabji strongly believed in. Bhattacharya also emphasized how her own mother who was of an earlier generation and an era gone by stressed the importance of women’s advancement through education, training and skills development.
Guest of Honour, Aloo Tata, proudly handed out Awards to long-time staff members and achievers. On display were crafts made by WIT artisans, “Happy Birthday WIT” cards made by the kindergarten children, photographs of WIT founder KamilaTyabji and the iconic WIT block prints and food products. The morning will be remembered for a long time. It was not just a birthday or anniversary celebration. It was a celebration of life, of love, of service, of pride and of success.

WIT’s newsletters are published each year and highlight the activities of the organization.