Senior Block Printing Artisan

In 2007, newly married Geeta and her husband travelled from Mangalore to Mumbai to look for work so that they could support themselves and educate their young son. They believed that only a good education could give him the opportunity to grow, learn, play and realize his full potential.

On hearing of other women working for the WIT Centre, Geeta came to Panvel to see if she could get a job with WIT. Since she had no skills, WIT enrolled her as a Trainee in the Block Printing Department. After a 6-month training period Geeta was inducted as an artisan.

Women block printers are scarce in this day and age. Geeta however, has used her 10-year training and experience to become a skilled artisan and her block printed products are in great demand.

Geeta’s husband now works in Pune and saves as much as he can by living in employee quarters while Geeta and her son live with her aunt in Panvel so that she can save for their son’s education.

She first completes all the domestic chores for her aunt and family before she begins her day job as a highly skilled artisan at WIT. Her work at WIT involves printing bed spreads, table cloths, napkins, cushion covers, bags a month other items found at the WIT shop.

Even though she has had to battle against many odds in the past year, she is back doing what she loves…creating beautiful block printed bed and table linen that bring colour and joy to homes.

We wish Geeta and her family a joyful life ahead.