This is a story of a young girl’s determination and dreams.

Meghana Patil lost her parents before she turned one. An aunt (no blood relation) brought her up with great financial difficulty but when she reached the 8th standard, she was sent to a shelter home.

After completing her SSC she went to the village where a relative saw her through her 11th and 12th standard. At this point she was at the crossroads and did not know where to turn to or what to do.

And this is where WIT stepped in.

She was enrolled in the Paramedical Course on a full WIT scholarship which gave her free tuition, boarding and lodging. At first Meghana found the Course tough going but she was determined not to give up. She soon started enjoying the classes and before she knew it she had completed the course in the First Division with flying colours. She also learned spoken English and basic computer skills at WIT.

Twenty year old Meghana’s first job is with Dr. Oza’s hospital. She gives most of her salary to her aunt with whom she stays, keeps very little for herself. She makes sure to save for the monthly instalment to pay the WIT interest-free scholarship loan so that it may benefit other students like her in future (Meghana has already paid back 20% of the loan).

Meghana is full of gratitude for WIT for investing in her future.

We wish her every success and the confidence to chase even bigger dreams.