A&M Nurse

Pratiksha is 20 years old. Her mother is a housewife and her two siblings are in grades 10 and 9.

Her father used to work as sweeper in Allcargo Logistics but lost his job last year.

Pratiksha wanted to help but did not have the means to qualify for a skill nor to pay for an education. It was WIT that led her to a better future. They invested in her by offering her a spot in their nurse’s training programme. Patiksha never looked back.

While Pratiksha was on a nursing scholarship with WIT, both her parents were involved in an accident and were bed ridden for a long time.

When Pratiksha finished her course she got a job as an A & M nurse in Birmole, a 51-bed Multi Speciality Hospital in Panvel. Her salary is Rs.7,000 per month.
Pratiksha’s father has recovered enough to work as a laborer but it is also her salary that supports the family.

Pratiksha would like to thank WIT for powering the dreams of underprivileged girls. And WIT wishes Pratiksha a bright future with many good opportunities ahead.